Wilson McCullough
About Me

Hello my name is Wilson (Ab) McCullough I am a 19 year old full stack software developer.
I am a graduate of Base Camp Coding Academy which is a 11 month course
where all the students are given a full scholarship.



Cowboy with a wand
is a 2-D boss rush which
I made with a small team during my
time in the Base
Camp Coding Academy's
Game Development Club.

"Let's Stay" is our Unit 6 project,
developed in collaboration
with Blaine Lambert and
Mina Sanford. It is a real estate website
designed to streamline
the process of selling
or renting a home by cutting
out the middleman

Learn More" is our
Unit 7 project, which
was developed in collaboration
with Caleb Horn and
Joby Foster. It is a
text-based program designed to
create a personalized study guide
using AI to match an
individual's knowledge and
learning style.

Fuzzy Ville" is my Unit 2 project,
another text-based program designed
in the style of a website. It enables
users to delve into hidden
messages to uncover a murder
mystery. Although it may
not represent my best
work, I like to keep it as
a reminder of how far
I've come in just a year.